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Friday, December 10, 2010

Refections in Istanbul

Near the opening to the Black Sea as seen from a boat on the Bosporus

Reflections in Istanbul
by Victoria Challancin

Like everyone else I meander through my life reflecting on what I see, what I internalize, what I learn.  I filter my world through my own private lens and color everything I see with my own interpretations.  If I wrote about my reflections "on" Paris here, today I'll show you Istanbul.  Still reflected through my eyes.  Still seen through my lens.

The Blue Mosque

Part of my small group of six...times three

Inside the Basilica Cistern...magnificent even through the eyes of my point-and-shoot camera

Me, taking my own photo...reflected

The Blue Mosque through Ashley's eyes...or would that be Ralph's?

Inside the Blue Mosque...oh how I wish my tiny camera could do it justice...

A garden lit up at night...

And we certainly  know from this post how I feel about the various lights of Istanbul...reflecting beauty, tiny fragmentations of color and light...bathing us with their startling imagery, knitting together broken light into one stunning burst of glory...

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Or better yet, why not join me in Istanbul in May and see for yourself?  

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