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Monday, November 29, 2010

Reflections on Paris

Reflections on Paris
by Victoria Challancin

OK, dear readers, I realize these aren't reflections "on" Paris--as a former English teacher I do get that.  I'm not really musing here on Parisian life, Parisian culture, Parisian history, nor on the French themselves.  I should probably call this "Reflections In Paris" instead.  But Paris is reflected in these subtle ways, in larger swaths.  Many photos are planned to give a glimpse of a multi-faceted fragmented world.  Others are happy accidents, caught on the spur of the moment as one of those fragments caught my eye.  But any way I view them, I see that they are all reflections of me, of how I filter Life, of what I see through my specific visions, of how I sort out my being, my place in the Universe.  Life reflected in my lens.  Life reflected through my eyes.

Marie Antoinette's personal teacups, floating in the air...

Want to reflect on Paris in your own personal way?  

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