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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Drinks of Istanbul: The Juices, Oh My, the Juices

The Drinks of Istanbul:  The Juices, Oh My, the Juices
by Victoria Challancin

Surely one clear indicator of a civilized place is the refreshment it offers its people, its tourists, its tired, its  hungry, its thirsty--- right on the street.  Forget about fancy restaurants, forget about bars, forget about outdoor cafes--I love it when I can find just what I need to refresh my site- and shopping-weary body right on the spot.  And in Istanbul, there is plenty on offer.

My close friend, Joan--an expert on all things Turkish and my Istanbul mentor-- swears by a combination of  half orange and half pomegranate juice squeezed right in front of you so you get the maximum vitamins.  Half and half, she says.  No more, no less.

Of course, there are other options and additions...

I love the way the sticky pineapple pieces are wrapped in plastic so as not to draw flies!

Roving carts or juice stands abound in both the tourist areas and the local markets

No mega-chains of expensive juices here...rather it is a local stand, nestled right by a music store, with all its fruit fresh and on display

The fruits vary from stand to stand and from season to season.  I'm just sorry I missed the sour cherry season and the delectable salted sour cherry drinks available then.

Have you ever had fresh pear juice with a touch of pomegranate?  Sigh...

Want to enjoy the fresh juices of Istanbul for yourself?

Join me on my next Istanbul Tour, April 16 - 23, 2011

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Joyti said...

That sounds delicious...the U.S. would fail I'm sure - nothing but corn syruped sodas available in terms of 'street food'.
The pomegranates look particularly delicious.