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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mel's Drive-in, Redux

Mel's Drive-in, Redux

by Victoria Challancin

Mel's Drive-in
8585 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA  90069
Open 24 hours

Another visit with my son in Los Angeles.  Another trip to Mel's (see my previous post on Mel's here).

And yes, another Expresso Milkshake.  Famous.  Rightfully so.

Another comfort food:  Chili Fries

Comfort, comfort, and more comfort:  Classic Meatloaf with a few added vegetables in a vague attempt at something approaching health

Does Mel's live up to its goal of serving in a courteous and cheerful manner, quality food properly prepared? Absolutely.  Do I crave a healthy California-Style salad at this point?  Absolutely.


Dan in NC said...

Great review of Mel's - one of my favorite spots in LA! My other favorite spot was Tommy's on Beverly (I think that's the origional one)! I know "In & Out" seems to garner a lot of press in the burger arena, but I still drool thinking of the devine mess the chiliburger & orange soda at Tommy's provided! Any chance on a review of this establishment?
Dan in NC

Victoria Challancin said...

Thanks, Dan! I'm in Mexico now, but will definitely let my son, who lives in LA, know about Tommy's. I, too, love "In & Out." Ate there twice on the last trip, but alas, no camera! Will check out Tommy's on my next visit!