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Monday, September 28, 2009

More Mexican Fun: Aprons

More Mexican Fun:  Aprons
 by Victoria Challancin
Flavors of the Sun International Cooking School, 
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

When designer Patrice Wynne of San Miguel Designs says that food tastes better when wearing one of her vibrant aprons, she isn't kidding.  Whether donning a humorous Day of the Dead print, lively chiles, or even a design with Mexico's Patron Saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe to bless your cooking efforts, your enchiladas are bound to have more verve if prepared while sporting one of these unique garments.  Practical and fun, these whimsical pieces are perfect for the making of any fiesta!

According to Patrice Wynne, the founder of San Miguel Design, these aprons are a home-made business in every sense of the word. Patrice began making aprons to help the women in her colonia who were exceptional seamstresses but without many opportunities to use their talents. Today the company utilizes over 10 women, working in their homes with their children, who sometimes help with ironing and folding aprons in the family business. Patrice uses fair trade principles: seamstresses set their own wages, based on what the work is worth and the time it takes them; they are paid in cash when the aprons are delivered; they work out of their homes to be close to their families; they are involved in the design aspects of the business with Patrice and her staff. There are over 30 apron designs, including new Fiesta and Gypsy Flamenco aprons, sold in Mexico, US and Europe.

To order aprons or other Mexican-inspired items, visit Patrice's website--or better yet, come to San Miguel yourself and visit her studio!

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