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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Part IV: What Does One Eat in Paris? La Cuisine Ethnique...

A Moroccan Tagine of Chicken and Sulatanas--there are so many restaurants that serve Moroccan and other North African fare in Paris.  Of course.

Part IV:  What Does One Eat in Paris?
La Cuisine Ethnique
by Victoria Challancin

Sacrilege!  As much as I adore classic French food, at some point when I am in Paris for a long stay, I need a respite from such heady fare as Escargot, Frog Legs, Confit of Duck, Rabbit Stew, Beef Tongue, and all the other readily available French dishes I love (see Parts I, II, and III of this series of posts for more info and photos).  Where do I turn?  If not to the snacks I wrote about in Part II, the Take-Away options I will soon address, or perhaps to "Chinatown" in the 13th arrondissement for a food romp through a variety of Oriental cuisines, then I go straight to some of my other favorite ethnic food haunts which dot the City in abundance.  

Couscous with Almonds and Cinnamon...perfectly prepared it really "ethnique"?  Can the Napolitanos rightly claim it still?  Yes, but, admit it, this is one dish that has traveled the world and found a home in every cuisine.

A curried chicken pita?  Why not?

Penne Pasta with Gorgonzola Cream and Shaved Truffles...yum

Paella with dancing shrimp?  Sí, sí, como no...

A plate of falafel and hummus...I return to this dish, this restaurant, these flavors, over and over and over...

A Greek pita--cheap, filling, and always a good choice

A mezze plate from one of my favorite restaurants?  Yes, yes, yes--absolutely!  I promise to devote an entire post just to this restaurant and its tantalizing food...soon.

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Bon Appétit!

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Ben said...

Very interesting! I am not such a big fan of French cuisine, so I would be in all those establishments eating ethnic food every day, or at least most days, hehe. Great trip and hopefully I'll see you next year in la feria del mole!