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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sabores San Miguel
Festival Gastronómico

Flavors of San Miguel--a Brief Glimpse of an  International Food Festival
by Victoria Challancin
San Miguel de Allende has it all:  Old World charm and modern conveniences, rich history with a thoroughly modern overlay, lively markets and modern super stores, taco stands and food stalls--and now international culinary events.  Yep, we have it all. 

To call this event a mere Food Festival sells it short.  Truly, it is an international gastronomical happening, with chefs flying in from as far away as London to showcase their skills at a star-studded evening of culinary magic.  And for those not lucky enough to participate in this evening of gustatory pleasure, there are one evening and two days of special activities in the local Juarez Park, which include live music, tastings (tequila, wine, mezcal, olive oil, cheeses, and so much more), demonstrations, and activities for kids.  Entry to the park events is free and the cost of the food is 25 pesos (approximately US$1.60) per item.

So much has been written about this event, that I won't bother adding to that, but I will try to give you a small glimpse of some of what the opening evening in the park had to offer.  

To read more and see more photos, visit Sabores San Miguel's Facebook page.
Glenn Griffin also wrote about the visiting international star chefs here.
And Susan York of CupcakesandCrablegs also wrote about the event here.

A Food Festival in the Park

What could be found under the beautiful draped tent in the park?

Purely Mexican Offerings...como no
 Chiles (Jalapeñons) Toreados

 A Taco Stand Menu

 Artesanal Mezcal Infusions

   A Cold Meat Salad called Salpicón  (see my recipe here)

 Taco Toppers
 A Quintessential Salsa Verde, made with tomatillos and serrano chiles
 Another salsa
Tortas (Sandwiches) and Tostadas (Crispy Tortillas)

Chocolate:  One of Mexico's gifts to the world--a cacao bean, cocoa nibs, and raw chocolate with local honey

My Very Own Guava Margarita
Something for the Health Conscious...
 A Sugarless Sweet Potato Brownie

Quinoa Salad with Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus drink)

 Libations...oh, many (and I haven't covered the beers--the glorious Mexican beers)
 Homemade, smoky Mezcal--the indigenous Zapotec people who make these only name them by the Nahuatl word of the plant it contains

A variety of cocktails...
Specialty margaritas, including this one made with fresh guavas

Meats...Mexico is a meat-loving country indeed

 Argentine-style grilled sausages

 Ribs, barbecue, and micheladas (the local name is chela)--see my recipe here

 Suckling Pig Hamburger --with grilled sweet potato

My own suckling pig hamburger, or slider, with a guava margarita

Could I pass up a Los Angeles-Style In n' Out Burger?  I think not!

Some International Fare...
 Locally-made prosciutto

 Cheeses from the divine Luna de Queso (yes, if this company goes public, I will buy stock)

Spanish tapas

Rice with squid ink and aioli on toasted bread

And Sweets...of course... lovely sweets
Lovely chocolates...
Chocolates with edible Frida Kahlos

And banana muffins with Diego Rivero, lest he be left out...
Hibiscus gelatin with cream cheese...

A large cream puff with strawberries and whipped cream (yes, I had one of these)

A lavender-scented dessert concoction...and yes, I took one of these home with me

 Parting Shot:  A Quirky Countertop

Victoria Challancin
Flavors of the Sun International Cooking School and Travel
San Miguel de Allende, México

©Victoria Challancin.   All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Vicki - thank you! If 'Flavors of the Sun' did not grace the blogosphere, what would 95% of us, especially those from Down Under, know about that magical town called San Miguel de Allende! [Have a look at Glenn Griffin's evocative photo for a start!] Obviously chefs north of the border are learning fast. Fun to see the food and, hmmm, the rather copious drink . . . and just look at the prices! I know the Sydney one charges like the proverbial bull in comparison!! NOW: back for another taste test :D !!

Anonymous said...

You need to come to Morelia en Boca sometime. Or the Encuentro de Las Cocineras Tradicionales de Michoacán.

Ann said...

Looks like some exotic and tasteful flavours there. I love that part of the world

Anonymous said...

Delicious and so varied. I had five completely different dining experiences for the price of one, in their restaurants. Too bad they didn't coordinate better to avoid competing with the Lamb and Mezcal Festival going on the same weekend. Damn!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh you're whetting my appetite Victoria! We might be headed to Mexico in a couple of months and I have all of your posts bookmarked to reread again :D

Hotly Spiced said...

So many beautiful dishes. I love the look of the salsa and your suckling pig roll looks amazing. Beautiful colours, flavours, textures and such excellent variety xx