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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Glorious Morocco!

Flavors of the Sun

Glorious Morocco!
by Victoria Challancin

I'm back!  Many thanks to those of you who have written to ask why I have fallen off the grid, but let me assure you that all is well.  I just led two fantastic groups to both Paris and Morocco and will soon be ready to share my experiences--and new recipes--with you.   For now...a casual glimpse into the heart of glorious Morocco.
 Eating oysters and razor clams on the beach in Safi, Morocco

Like what you see?  Come join me in October 2014 or April 2015 for the real thing!

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Joan Nova said...

Welcome back!

Morocco is still on my bucket list!

Victoria Challancin said...

And I am still hoping that you and Norma will join me--or come for a visit here in San Miguel, at the very least. I finally sorted out my publishing issues, so hopefully I truly am back!
Thanks, Joan.

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