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Friday, October 22, 2010

Part III: What Does One Eat in Paris? Les Plats Principaux...

Confit of Duck with potatoes...always the glorious potatoes...

Part III: What Does One Eat in Paris?  Les Plats Principaux...
by Victoria Challancin

Each year I lead a small group of intrepid travelers to Morocco for a journey of a lifetime throughout the whole of Morocco.  This year I decided to offer several City Trips of shorter duration--eight days in Paris and/or eight days in Istanbul.  These trips went so well that I am thinking of adding other favorite cities, such as Florence, Venice, Rome, London, and Edinburgh, or perhaps the South of France and Tuscany.  I will post soon on these proposed trips, so check back!

We have seen the Entrees/Starters, the Snack Food, and now it is time for the main dishes.

When I lived in Paris in the late seventies,  it was impossible to have a bad meal.  Impossible.  For years now I have heard the argument that food in France just isn't what it used to be.  Perhaps.  But you can still find reasonably priced, well-prepared food in every neighborhood.  Scroll down for a sampling of what we enjoyed.

Do you think a simple roast chicken is boring?  Think again.

Rabbit, Provençal-Style.  Oh my yes...

Duck redux.  This time in red wine.  With more potatoes.  Perfect.

Fondue Bourguignonne?  Of course.  And a Gratinée (there were several styles, this one was "French"  with Emmental cheese, another had boeuf haché, or ground beef, and was called "American")

Normandy-Style Veal with Mushroom Sauce...Did I mention potatoes?

Roast Suckling Pig, right off the spit...Could those possibly be more perfectly cooked potatoes?

Brandade, that unctuous blend of salt cod, potatoes, and calories here!

Beef stew.  Perfect simplicity.

Rabbit with mustard sauce.  One can never have too much rabbit, or apparently potatoes either!  No complaints!

From the same Provençal restaurant, a southern French style Chicken Fricassee

Steak au poivre...quintessentially French...

Does the marrow in that bone call to you?  It certainly did to me!

I almost left this one out because it isn't quite in focus, but who could overlook such beautiful Beef Tongue, perfectly sauced?

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