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Friday, October 1, 2010

Part I: Stopping to Eat the Roses, Paris

Cartoon by  Gary Larson of The Far Side 

Stopping to Eat the Roses
by Victoria Challancin

I actually have this Gary Larson cartoon framed, sitting near my desk, to remind me of what just might be my modus operandi for life.  Cow Philosophy, metaphysics, and metaphors aside, I love the idea of eating flowers in any form:  the squash blossoms of Mexico, the rose-infused spice blends of Morocco, the hint of Provençal lavender in my pound cake, hibiscus-flower agua fresca, and saffron-infused ANYTHING!  The list could be endless, but my latest edible-flower focus stems from my month-long culinary adventures in Paris and Istanbul, and the renewed love of Rose Petal Jam that sprang from it all.

The whole process started this time in France with the wonders of French confitures, or jams.

I oohed...

I ahhed...

I glutted...

I marveled at from whence they came...

Just kidding...I know that Rose Petal Jam doesn't come from these.

And then I went to Istanbul where the love affair continued.

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